1.    MSME DEFEXPO 2012

      India is the 10th largest defence buyer in the world. With an estimated 2.5 per cent share of global defence expenditure, it is also among the fastest growing markets. A recent report puts India's current defence expenditure in range of US $32 billion which is set to rise to an estimated $42 billion by 2015. The capital expenditure on new weapon platforms will also rise from the current $13.04 billion to $19.2 billion in 2015. For the XII-Five Year Plan (2012-17), India's plan expenditure on weaponry is pegged at $120 billion.

      Since 2001, the defence industry has been liberalized and opened to private sector with participation up to 100% and allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) up to 26%. The private sector defence supplier group is composed of around 5000 companies (large and MSMEs). It accounts for around 20% of Indian defence market in value terms: rest of the requirement is met through imports. With new policy-set, the government has allowed local companies to freely bid for projects involving tanks, artillery, aircrafts etc. The government has set a target for procuring 70% its defence requirements from indigenous sources. Experts peg the market opportunity to over $ 100 billion.